What Case Should You Get For Your Phone?

- Jan 03, 2018-

What case should you get for your phone?

201711280909493609158.jpgGetting a new phone case is overwhelming. If you put your options on a set of shelves, they would go on for miles, filled with shells and wallets in thousands of colors and materials. Don’t walk down that aisle of infinite, unworthy cases. Whether you're accident-prone, athletic, or just fancy, we’ve got you, um, covered.

If you're attached to the look and feel of your device (but are not dumb enough to walk around with it totally unprotected), go for a skin case. They're flexible and thin, usually made from PC or TPU. They don’t cover the front of your phone, so make sure to pick up a screen protector.


No need to carry around both a phone and a wallet. Wallet cases come in many styles, but most allow you to keep cash, credit cards, and your ID in a slot on the back of the phone or in a separate area of the case