What A Good Tempered Glass Screen Protector Is?

- Dec 29, 2017-

(1)After the biggest festival at Taobao,it is double 11th.It is said that in the double 11th time, the best seller in electronic equipment is a mobile phone. Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Apple...


It is debated that mobile phone need screen protector. Many people think mobile phones screen are now claims to be the gorilla glass, high hardness and anti-scrape, it doesn't matter without screen protector.

But in fact, scratching our phone's screen is often not what key, scissors, axes (spoof) this kind of tool, and it is floating in the air or distribution on the surface of the table, bag, pocket hardness high silicide, such as: dust, sand.

The hardness of the material is close to the diamond, cut our phone's screen is effortless.Especially when wiping the phone's screen, the walls of tiny scratches that produce drop!

(2)Another damage for mobile phone screen is the impact of free fall.

This is needless to say, broken screen nightmare, i think everyone don't want to happen in your love mobile phone.

So, if you are not a rich people, it is necessary to put screen protector if you want to use more years and save money .


On market at present, the most popular mobile phone film is tempered glass screen protector.

Mainly because it can effectively protect our mobile phones, to prevent the screen to be broken.

A piece tempered glass screen protector is consist of glass and AB glue, when under pressure or impact, glass first bear tension, abandon sacrifice themselves.

And glass membrane fragments can stick on the electrostatic membrane, won't hurt.

The original thick toughened glass screen protector, more than is 0.5, 0.3 mm, feel very cumbersome to use.

So far, the best on the market of toughened glass membrane, has done 0.2 0.15 mm, thickness and strength of the balance is the best..


(3)And one more thing is the radian.

Currently on the market basically has straight edges edges, 2.5 C and 2.5 D 3 kinds.

Arc edge to more relevant than straight edge, round does not hurt the hand.

2.5 D technology is better than 2.5 C.
You get what you pay for, but don't keen on gaining pretty advantages oh ~