Thinking About The Existence Of Security Loopholes In Children's Smart Watches

- Jan 31, 2018-

Nowadays, many children have smart watches on their wrists. After opening the shopping sites and entering the "children's smart watch", the watches of different brands are full and most of the sales are considerable. Children's smart watches on the market share a common function, which is to provide calls and emergency call services that allow parents to contact children at any time. This is also the point that meets the needs of the parents.

In recent years, the major manufacturers have developed smart watches for children, "to protect the safety of children" the concept of products to the market, at the same time, parents pay attention to child safety issues, leading to its sales soared, especially in all kinds of shopping carnival, children's sales of smart watches is also very eye-catching. However, the Broadcasting British Corporation reported that the German Federal network has banned the sale of children's smart watches in the country. And lock up reasons, speculation may be reported because of violations of privacy or security vulnerabilities watch. Not only that, there have been studies previously that strangers can track children through hacker technology and eavesdrop on children's conversations. In this way, the use of children's smart watches has caused us to think.

First of all, we must be sure that with the rapid development of science and technology, our manufacturers can keep up with the development of science and technology and timely launch products that meet the needs of the market. However, if there will be security risks, the market demand and manufacturers should enhance the draw further apart, R & D, repair and prevention of security vulnerabilities and possible security risks, so the watch itself first to ensure safety, to protect the safety of children.

Secondly, parents should keep rational in the face of children's smart watches, and not be able to place their children's safety on a smart watch, let alone watch a possible safety flaw.  Children's safety is the focus of every parent's attention. Timely communication with children, safety education in a timely manner and safety awareness from their own perspective is a more effective way. So parents should spend more time communicating with their children. They can't ignore communication with busy work and other reasons, but can't put the cart before the horse. Because safety education is not enough, they want to make up with children's smart watches.

Finally, it is considered from the point of view of the whole society. Each of us is growing from the stage of children, and our children will walk through the childhood. The growth of children is about our whole society. Therefore, every one of us should act and make more effort where we can. The school can devote more time and resources to carry out safety education courses, to help children form safety awareness; public media can put more about children's safety in public service advertising, improve children's safety awareness; the library can hold child safety education theme reading, let parents and children communicate in learning.

Junior strong Guoqiang. The safety of children needs our whole society to escort them and let them thrive in a safe and happy sky.