The Types Of Mobile Phone Shells Are

- Jul 17, 2019-

PC shell is a very popular shell. It restores the original color of mobile phone shell and has high permeability. PC material has high strength, fatigue resistance, stable size and good heat dissipation. It is a common material with good heat dissipation and good insulation, so it is very practical as mobile phone shell. It can do a lot of post-processing, such as oil injection, color painting, leather case, 3D relief and so on. Https://

Silica shell

Silica gel shell is the most well-known type of mobile phone protective shell. It has a soft texture, slightly slippery feel, and has been in the fashion market for many years. The market share has always been in the lead, from rough-made stalls to well-crafted individual brands. Because of its excellent cost performance, silica gel shell in the future when MP3, iPod boom, also popular, favored by many people. There are two kinds of silica gel shell, one is organic silica gel, the other is inorganic silica gel. The silica gel sleeve of mobile phone in the market basically belongs to the former. Silicone gel has many advantages, such as high temperature resistance, weather resistance (not afraid of ultraviolet or ozone decomposition), good insulation, stable material (not changing with animals). In addition, people choose silica gel shell because of its good handle: some mobile phones with rigid keyboards will be improved when they are covered with silica gel shell. And it can absorb the impact of some knocks on the mobile phone, thereby reducing the damage to the mobile phone.

In addition, silica gel shell has good water resistance, which has become its biggest selling point. Although silica gel shell has many advantages, and the price is low. However, there are still shortcomings, because of poor air permeability, long-term wear will lead to hot cell phone fuselage. In particular, some smartphones with high calorific value are not recommended for users. Moreover, the silica gel shell itself is slightly sticky, and will accumulate and absorb a large amount of dust on the mobile phone after a period of time. In the long run, it is not conducive to the beauty of the mobile phone, contrary to the original intention of protecting the mobile phone. In addition to the precautions mentioned above, the selection of mobile phone silica gel shell is also worth paying attention to.


Leather cover

Among all kinds of protective jackets, mobile phone dermal jackets are also popular. Businessmen who work in the workplace prefer to use decent leather jackets rather than single-style silicone jackets. Unlike young people who advocate leisure, it is not elegant for them to hold a cell phone with a single appearance and color. Like silica gel sleeves, mobile phone leather sleeves can be divided into two types, one is the waist-hanging leather sleeve, which has been popular for many years, and the other is the portable leather sleeve which can be put into the pocket. Although the appearance of the two is different, the manufacturing process is similar. Portable leather jacket has the advantages of chic, elegant, no wear and tear, good heat dissipation, but it can not play a waterproof role like silica gel jacket. At the same time, if the leather jacket is too large, it will be difficult to put into trousers pocket, which is somewhat inconvenient to carry. The quality of leather cases is also uneven. Although leather jackets can be seen everywhere on the floor, but a penny for a piece, more than a dozen yuan of nature will not use leather material, mostly artificial leather or fake leather, use will soon crack and open glue phenomenon. And the leather is durable, long service life, of course, the price is not expensive, the price generally varies from tens to hundreds of yuan. Https://

Relief shell

Embossed mobile phone shell is a popular mobile phone shell in the market in 2013. The embossed mobile phone shell has bright picture effect and strong hand feeling. It is a relatively high-end mobile phone shell. The embossed mobile phone shell is printed directly by the relief printer. What kind of picture you want to make is done well on the computer. Print the relief effect directly on the phone case. There are domestic and imported relief machines. Generally speaking, imported relief machines print out exquisite lines, solid color, clear and natural lines. Most domestic relief machines cost more than 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, while imported relief machines vary from hundreds of thousands to millions, so the cost of printed mobile phone shells is also different. Https://

Crystal shell

Silicone shell and leather case have their own merits and demerits. In order to achieve comprehensive protection, another kind of mobile phone protective case emerged at the historic moment. This is the crystal shell that is popular with women. It is made of plexiglass. It has a solid appearance and a transparent shell. Not only can it protect the mobile phone effectively, but also it does not affect the appearance. It is the strength of the silicone sheath and leather sheath. But the choice of crystal shells is also more eye-tested. Although the cost of crystal shell is not high and the process is relatively simple, some businesses can save on workmanship and materials in order to earn higher profits.

First of all, the appearance of the crystal shell largely depends on the abrasive tools, good abrasive tools, the quality of the crystal shell made by the adoption of hard. The size of crystal shell made by irregular Abrasives will be deviated, and some can not even fill mobile phones.

Secondly, the thickness of crystal shell is strictly required. If it is too thin or hard, it will break easily. If it is too thick, it will affect the operation. In addition, since the so-called crystal, the shell of the crystal shell must be transparent, but some crystal shells are gray or even yellowing, which is the problem of Jerry work. Crystal shell has its drawbacks, of course, because it has a certain degree of hardness with the mobile phone, so the two will inevitably produce friction, especially the corners of the mobile phone, usually the four parts of the mobile phone are the most serious wear. Shopping should be careful. Don't be afraid of comparing goods with goods. Https://

Clear water shell

Clear water shell is not an innovation of concept. It is a combination of crystal shell and silica gel shell. It belongs to a kind of soft and hard mobile phone protective shell made of transparent silica gel. It is also named Clear Water because it is as transparent as crystal shell. The disadvantage of silica gel shell is that it can be used for a long time, the body and body are inevitably "like glue paint", sometimes it is necessary to let the mobile phone "fly out of the cage" to breathe; and the crystal shell is brittle and hard, easy to collapse, which may lead to frequent replacement. Clear water shell is not easy to loose, and the size is appropriate, it can be said that both the advantages of silica gel shell and crystal shell, at the same time, in order to beautiful appearance, the back of the water jacket is usually printed with delicate patterns, no longer like the color of silica gel shell and crystal shell rigid. It's a perfect protective commodity. Https://

TPU Plastics

The second reason is that TPU is also soft. Like silica gel, TPU belongs to the category of soft gel. Many people don't know the difference between silica gel and TPU. Even some Taobao sellers don't know the difference. They call soft as silica gel. TPU belongs to plastic. The product is made by injection moulding technology. It is made by melting plastic rice granules into plastic moulds with gun barrel after heating and melting. Silica gel belongs to rubber, and vulcanization is used in the forming process. Silicone gel mold is open up and down, cut a piece of silicone collagen material, put it in the mold, heat and pressure to make products. General plastic products will have a rubber inlet, after the product injection molding to trim, bad trimming will affect the appearance. Silica gel does not have a rubber inlet, but there is a circle around the edge to be repaired, if the mold is very rubbish, the circle of edge will be more obvious, the same as the dog bite. From the feel, the hardness of TPU is generally harder than that of silica gel. The elasticity of hand-held TPU is stronger, and the elasticity of silica gel is slightly worse. TPU can be compared to the feeling of muscle and silica gel to the feeling of fat. From the appearance, TPU can be made very transparent, silica gel can not, the most transparent is very hazy like thick fog that feeling. It is precisely because of the transparency of TPU that it is more popular with users. Moreover, TPU products have many high-grade products with strong selectivity and more pattern changes than silica gel. The disadvantage of TPU is easy to deform and yellowing. After three or four months, if you happen to buy transparent white and light-colored products, it's easy to yellowing. The material is not good and even foggy or sticky on the surface.


Convenient cell phone case

Convenient mobile phone shell is also a new type of mobile phone shell. It is made of imported PC material and its side is made of pure transparent PC material. It can clearly show the side of mobile phone. The back design has convenient card insertion function, which can easily take and place the commonly used bus cards, bank cards, identity cards and other cards. It also has the function of anti-electromagnetic wave drying, so that people can use bus cards and ID cards only with a single brush. Bring real convenience to everybody's life and travel.


latticed shell

Mobile phone reticulated shell is a subspecies of soft shell. It is named for its reticulated air permeability holes. Its design is usually simple. Since the rise of Iphone, many users prefer mobile phone latticed shells. For no other reason, the structure is strong and heat dissipation is fast. At a glance, the mobile phone appears refreshing and concise. Of course, the drawbacks of reticulated shells are also obvious, that is, they can not effectively prevent dust and water. If you wear it for a long time, there will be a lot of dirt deposited in the holes, which is not conducive to the beauty of mobile phones, so you should pay attention to timely cleaning. In the market, the skin-mounted reticulated shells have begun to emerge, that is, the main body of the reticulated shells is covered by a cortical coat, which only maintains the reticulated design of the key positions. This strengthens the waterproof effect of reticulated shells, and has more unique appearance, while retaining part of the heat dissipation function. Generally speaking, the practicability has been improved comprehensively.


3D mobile phone case

Compared with the shells sold in the modern market, 3D mobile phone shells have a further leap in the quality and quality of paintings. Compared with the planar mobile phone shell sold in the market, the 3D mobile phone shell has a brand-new 3D picture quality feeling, which can better demonstrate the pursuit of personality and beauty of modern young people, and create a perfect image as a whole, feeling the perfect communication between technology and fashion. In terms of quality, it will not last as long as the silica gel shell, which will inevitably lead to the effect of "paint-like glue" on the body and body. Sometimes, it is even necessary to let the mobile phone "fly out of the cage" to breathe. Because of its brittle and hard texture, the crystal shell is easy to collapse, which may lead to frequent replacement. Https://


Shock-proof mobile phone shell

The shockproof mobile phone shell is a mobile phone protective shell with strong shockproof function. It is made of advanced non-toxic and odorless environmental protection silica gel material injected into the mobile phone shell. Because it is made of silica gel, it is soft and tough, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, durable. It uses a unique four-cornered hollow design to alleviate the intense impact when the mobile phone landed. It can reduce the impact force by 80% through professional shock proof test. Moreover, the appearance is designed according to ergonomics, which is convenient to hold and hold. Https://