The Technology Of Phone Cases

- Jul 20, 2017-

Surface treatment process, the most surface treatment is the spray feel oil, this can make the phone set touch feel good. This is also the simplest surface treatment. Silica gel products in ordinary conditions can easily absorb the dust in the air, and has a certain viscosity. On the silicone sleeve surface sprayed with a thin layer of oil, both to prevent dust and can guarantee the feel. Fuel injection and laser carving process, silicone sleeve after finishing the surface sprayed with a layer of color ink after the laser shot out the pattern, and then sprayed with a layer of oil on the surface. This process is more popular. Drop glue process, in the already repaired side of the silicone sleeve dripping on the color of liquid glue into the pattern. Color printing technology, in the already repaired side of the silicone sleeve printed on any color patterns, this process can be silicone sleeve is not only beautiful and three-dimensional very strong.