The Note9 Hits The Right Note

- Sep 03, 2018-

SAMSUNG Malaysia Electronics hosted a consumer roadshows across two days at major cities in conjunction with the arrival of the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note9 to our shores.

In fact, fans waiting to get their hands on the new Galaxy Note9 were said to have started queuing up from midnight in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru, Penang, Kuantan, and Kota Kinabalu. The roadshows, which ran from Aug 24 to 26, were abuzz with interactive activities hosted by local celebrities. The events rewarded customers who bought the latest flagship device, handsomely.

Qusai Gulam Ali, a 25-year-old mechanical engineer, was the first in line at the Suria KLCC roadshow in Kuala Lumpur. "It is the best phone around now. The best thing the Galaxy Note9 has for me is the large 4000mah battery that offers all-day usage.

"And now that the S pen comes with Bluetooth function - this comes in really handy for me. I'm excited about this purchase and I can't wait to get into it (the phone) when I'm back home."

Abdul Manan Abdul Manaf, a 48-year-old resort manager, purchased a unit of the new phone for himself and another for his wife. He said he had been waiting for the new Galaxy Note since his wife bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 early this year.

"Having previously used the Galaxy S8+, I am delighted with the innovation by Samsung," said Abdul Manan. "Furthermore, as a resort manager, I multitask frequently, and I need a high-performance device that allows me to achieve my goals in both work and life.

"I like the all-day battery and great storage in the Samsung Galaxy Note9. What makes it stand out from the rest of the smartphones is the S Pen, which is only available in the Samsung Note series," he added.

Another loyal supporter of the brand and model is 34-year-old retail manager Yew Hung. His purchase of the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 was as a surprise gift for his sister.

"My sister has been looking for a smartphone since last year; one that can accommodate the heavy load of data and files she has to work with in her job and personal life," Yew informed.

"The Samsung Galaxy Note9 arrived just in time, with bigger storage that suits her needs, and now with the S Pen as a Bluetooth enabled remote control, she can control her presentation slides easily with single or double clicks of the button."

On a lighter side, Yew also revealed that his sister had been using her same old phone for the past seven years and he felt it was time for her to get an upgrade and experience what the Samsung Galaxy Note9 can do.

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