Redmi Starts To Be Independent

- Jul 02, 2019-

Redmi (formerly known as Red Rice) after independent splitting is an independent brand, and Xiaomi's positioning for Redmi is "king of cost". Not only is the price low, Redmi is also the first in the industry to launch an 18-month long warranty. Lu Weibing attributed Redmi's “price/performance ratio” to “replace traditional marketing methods with new social media”, which has reduced channel and marketing costs.

According to Lu Weibing, this year Redmi will mainly do three things:

The first is the layout of high-end smartphones. Previously, Redmi was under the Xiaomi brand, and the price segment was locked below 1500 to support the low-end market size of the Xiaomi brand. However, after becoming an independent brand, the future will also be involved in high-end smartphones. There is no price ceiling for future flagship products, but it will still emphasize cost performance.

The second is to expand the multi-category. In addition to mobile phones, Redmi will also launch other eco-chain products, such as the launch of IoT products such as wireless Bluetooth headsets and refrigerators at the March 18 conference.

The third is to continue to explore overseas markets. This year, Redmi will continue to consolidate the already leading markets in India, Indonesia and Ukraine. Redmi will also enter the Latin American market and the African market this year to complete the global strategic layout of Redmi.

Lei Jun further added that the original red rice is a product line of Xiaomi. Now, after upgrading to an independent brand, it will cover from the entry to the low end, to the terminal, to the high-end full price, at least in the next year. Three thousand dollars or so.

As for the issue of whether the red rice that the outside world cares about will "figh" with Xiaomi products, Lei Jun responded that he is pursuing the ultimate experience on the basis of insisting on cost-effectiveness. The whole direction of Xiaomi is half of the e-commerce and half of the offline retail stores. For Redmi, it is high quality and extremely cost-effective. It must focus on e-commerce, because the cost of getting to the offline will come up.

"So offline retail stores, including Xiaomi Home, will not appear Redmi again, because the cost of online will increase."

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