Only For The Extreme Sense Of Hand, These Iphone7 Special High Force Cell Phone Shell You Deserve To Have

- Feb 26, 2018-

As the saying goes, "good horse with good saddle", OPPO and Apple phone are widely used. Its mobile phone protection shell is also to choose tall and tall. Today Xiaobian will share several beautiful and romantic mobile phone shells that are popular in the front end. It must be the love of sister Meng.

For the pursuit of cool fashion "powder", the colorful mobile phone shell is a must, silicone soft shell + extreme transparent colorful, beautiful in his hand to burst!

This apple 7 mobile phone shell, with excellent slim + matte touch, conquer all "powder", let people love the skin of Apple mobile phone shell.

Simple shape, integral collocation PC light material, ultra-thin design brings excellent hand feeling, precise hole site perfectness allows you to operate freely. Three layers of electric spray, durable and bright, and have a variety of colors, each color creates a unique temperament.

Small and refreshing people of Arts and crafts need to use the design of grid pattern. The overall style of this phone shell is simple and suitable for literary and artistic men who do not like complex patterns. The use of silicone material and full package can effectively protect mobile phones.

It can not only decorate luxurious and quicksand mobile phone, it is very interesting to play, fantastic sparkling sequins, neck rope hanging over the distribution, is convenient to carry.

It's a simple apple but has its own characteristics. The apple 7 phone shell can customize the cell phone shell that belongs to your own pattern, and make the most beautiful picture with the beautiful photo.

Carbon fiber pattern material + metal frame, to create fashion sexy waistline, overall streamline surface design, to feel more cordial, a variety of colors.

There are shockproof silica gel on the back of the mobile phone shell. The front and rear metal frames are fixed by screws, with a strong toughened glass membrane. Besides anti falling, it has waterproof and dust-proof functions.