New Color Matching: Apple Apple Releases Apple Watch Sports Strap And IPhone X Silica Gel Protective Shell

- Jan 29, 2018-

Compared to the market competitors, Apple (Apple) has a much slower pace of product change, but the peripherals around the apple are very frequent. Today, Apple has also launched a large number of new color matching Apple Watch Sports Strap and iPhone X silicone protective shell, to meet users' pursuit of personalized color matching. At present, all the new products have been on the line of the official store of apple. The selling price of the sports strap is 398 yuan, and the iPhone X silicone protective shell is priced at 328 yuan, all provide the installment service.


Apple Watch sport watch strap color including the new bright yellow, orange, green, white and grey, are 3.8cm width, the high performance Fluoroelastomer special material is very durable, but very soft, can bring skin comfortable touch. The innovation and snap contraction type buckle, ensure that wear neat docile.

In addition, Apple also added a iPhone X blue, bright yellow and orange Xingyu red three color silicone protective shell, designed for iPhone X tailored, lined with superfine fiber, shell is silicone material, shape and volume buttons on the side button fit, and close to the fuselage line. Especially Xingyu blue, prior to the official launch of leather version of Xingyu blue, by many users love.

新增配色:Apple 苹果 发布 Apple Watch 运动表带 和 iPhone X 硅胶保护壳_资讯中心_什么值得买 - 1.jpg

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