For Samsung Galaxy S9 Liquid Silicon

- Mar 12, 2018-

This mobile phone shell is made of high-grade liquid silica gel, liquid silica gel has good elasticity and waterproof and moisture resistance, soft and delicate, such as baby skin feel.

2 (1).jpg

The front side of the cell phone is slightly higher than the screen, and it can be effectively protected against the ground even when it falls.

2 (11).jpg

The inner lining is a high grade superfine fiber material, soft and delicate, and it is not easy to decolorization. The shell has five colors: black, gray, red, powder and green.

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Besides, it's handle. This phone shell is made of liquid silicone with skin care material. The overall feel is very fine and smooth, and the material of liquid silica can also ensure that cell phone will not deform for a long time. The inside of the cell phone shell protects the glass body and gives me a feeling of comfort.