Commendation Conference

- Jan 15, 2018-

Time flies, the blink of an eye in 2017 has passed, looking forward to 2018 come to us. The new year has given birth to new goals and hopes. Let us work together to sum up achievements and deficiencies of the past year and look forward to the direction and goals for the coming year.


First, the company boss Zhang Shangjin do 2017 annual work summary and 2018 work deployment.
Mr. Zhang pointed out in "The Company's Work Summary Report 2017" that in 2017, the company achieved good results in a bad environment and is the result of the joint efforts of all employees. However, we still have many deficiencies. We can not afford to slacken our efforts. We must make persistent efforts to keep making progress and make new successes in the coming New Year. In the new year, we should enhance the corporate image, accelerate market expansion, improve team building, improve overall quality and skills, and improve the internal management system.


Second, awarded the company's outstanding employee award in 2017, in recognition of 2017 year in all positions have made outstanding contributions to the staff.


At this point, in 2017, the annual meeting of companies in a piece of cheers and laughter, staggered in the cup, in the sincere wishes of each other successfully concluded.