The strap is too long, how to disassemble and install?

- Jul 20, 2017-

1. Please look at the arrow on the back of the strap before you start the strap.

2. The belt with arrows is removable.

3, loosen the handle of the belt, put the strap into the table slot, and keep the needle pin of the belt device on the pinhole as shown in Fig. Two, and the steel needle of the belt is followed by the direction of the arrow, then the belt-splitter will be screwed tightly, and the pin (raw ear) connecting the strap will be topped out, then the forceps can be pulled out.

4, the use of the process, careful use of steel pins to avoid scratching the strap, to the appearance of a certain impact

5. When the strap is removed to fit the wrist size, the strap broken into two sections is connected