Method of removing small sensory leather strap

- Jul 20, 2017-

When you get the new strap, do not worry about the installation, first compare the strap to the ear, to determine the size suitable for installation.

The strap and the headset are fixed through the ear (the two built-in springs can be retractable), the raw ear card in the hole on both sides of the ear.

With the ears of the head Groove Card at either end of the strap and the ear of the ears of the ear axis, the direction of the strap down to the ear spring, the strap down.

The side of the table buckle needs to be installed on one side of the 12-point direction, with no clasp on one side of the 6-point direction.

Put the strap on the ear into the hole in the side of the table ears, and the other side with the raw ear batch tool under the pressure to send into the ear, gently move until the feeling of the ear into the hole.